Love the story 🤣😂


Nothing much happened from one day to another inBob’s life. Each day was a complete re-run of the day before. As he sat waiting, watching and hoping for a shot at the disturbing Blue Jay that found great joy in driving him nuts, he nibbled on the last of his pancakes. A drip of syrup curled its way down to his chin. Bob wasn’t much for manners, so he didn’t do anything about it. Soon that little drip grew into a big globule and fell onto the plate, leaving a faint residue upon Bob’s chin. He intently focused on the window in front of him. How could he be responsible for the stickiness on his face. He’d get to that later.

Just as he was about to give up and call it a day, the pesty Blue Jay arrived and perched atop the mailbox. Bob became annoyed – his annoyance…

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