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Nothing much happened from one day to another inBob’s life. Each day was a complete re-run of the day before. As he sat waiting, watching and hoping for a shot at the disturbing Blue Jay that found great joy in driving him nuts, he nibbled on the last of his pancakes. A drip of syrup curled its way down to his chin. Bob wasn’t much for manners, so he didn’t do anything about it. Soon that little drip grew into a big globule and fell onto the plate, leaving a faint residue upon Bob’s chin. He intently focused on the window in front of him. How could he be responsible for the stickiness on his face. He’d get to that later.

Just as he was about to give up and call it a day, the pesty Blue Jay arrived and perched atop the mailbox. Bob became annoyed – his annoyance…

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Belfast’s Stephen Boyd and the Red Hand of Ulster (The Emerald Isle’s Powder Keg)

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Stephen Boyd was always a very proud Irishman. Being born in Belfast made Stephen a citizen of the United Kingdom, as Northern Ireland did not follow its Southern compatriots in their bid for independence which became official in 1922. Being an important industrial city, it was also more prosperous (for some at least) than the south and this area chose to remain loyal to the crown. Northern Ireland, however, was deeply divided by two things– religion and wealth. Stephen’s came from a poor Presbyterian family. This left Stephen somewhat sympathetic to the cause of a United Ireland even before the Troubles began in the late 1960’s. Catholics in Northern Ireland were even worse off, for years being denied even the most basic rights of property, voting, employment and education. The have-not’s were mostly Catholic but not entirely. The impoverished Protestants also felt the strain. These resentments and injustices ran deep…

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Rare Behind the Scenes Photos of Stephen Boyd and Brigitte Bardot from “The Night Heaven Fell” (1957)

I was never a fan of BB she was a strange creature the only thing was that she loved animals as for Stephen Boyd I adored him he was so handsome and a great actor Hollywood never gave him the credit he deserved.

Stephen Boyd Blog

A press writer wrote this once about Stephen:

I have always felt that Stephen Boyd deserved to do well. For did he not essay his first star part opposite Brigitte Bardot- and if that isn’t learning to swim at the deep end, I don’t know what is.

I saw a lot of him at that time in Southern Spain. He was in despair and Bardot was in what is euphemistically referred to as the altogether. The altogether what? (“She is delighted with CinemaScope,” Boyd said at the time. “It means she can start off fully clothed at one side of the screen and be nude by the time she gets to the other.”)

I told him then that things could only get better.(Roderick Mann, London Express Service, El Paso, Herald Post, Saturday Jan 26, 1967)

The film of which he describes is the Roger Vadim flick called “The…

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Stephen Boyd explains Brigitte Bardot and Ava Gardner appeal, 1958

I prefer Ava Gardner she’s taller and more beautiful than BB

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“A bundle of curves” : Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot

French Sexpot Described by British Actor

By Lee Belser

Corsicana Daily Sun March 3, 1958

It isn’t necessary to be a sexpot to be a movie star, but it helps.

In the case of France’s Brigitte Bardot it is phenomenal and in the words of one of her recent co-stars “she is even Frenchier than the French.”

Stephen Boyd, a moody-looking Britisher is on location here with “The Bravados” company just finished a picture in Spain with the French sex kitten.

“She is terrific,” He said. “She knows just what she’s doing and where the money is coming from.”

Doubts Temperamental

Bardot, whose films are drawing American customers by the thousands, is reportedly one of the wealthiest gals in France and one of the most temperamental.

“I don’t really think she’s temperamental,” said Boyd, “She just does as she pleases…

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Lollobrigida, Loren, Bardot, Gréco–who were Stephen’s favorites?

To each is own but I wouldn’t choose any one of them that’s my opinion 😉
I’m just wondering what Stephen Boyd thought of Delores Hart she was a beautiful lady and a great actress?

Stephen Boyd Blog

Stephen Boyd had the good fortune of starring with some of the most beautiful and famous actresses in the world. He always had very high praise for each one of them individually. But occasionally he was put on the spot by a reporter and asked to pick a favorite. Stephen would always take this with a sense of humor. So how did Stephen’s co-stars fare? Who were his favorites?

1) The Italian Icons – Sophia vs Gina index.png




Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida were both the premiere movie stars from Italy in the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s. Both were legendary in their beauty and their va-va-voom figures. So which of these lovely Italian superstars was Boyd’s favorite?

Reporter Erskine Johnson asked Boyd this exact question in 1963. – Chunky, rugged, dimple- in- the- chin Steve Boyd had just completed…

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Stephen Boyd and Brigitte Bardot- The filming of ‘The Night Heaven Fell’ 1957

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TCM will be airing The Night Heaven Fell in August for Brigitte Bardot day. The filming of The Night Heaven Fell started in late 1957. It was Vadim and Bardot’s first venture following the iconic movie And God Created Woman.’ Erotic content was still the name of the game in Les Bijoutiers du Clair de Lune.

“Brigitte runs off with Boyd, who has murdered her uncle in a vendetta, and holes up with him for a week of violent sado-masochistic sex in the Spanish mountains.” (Bardot by Glenys Roberts) Being both a Bardot fan and a Boyd fan, I think this is actually one of Bardot’s best roles. I like this movie much more than And God Created Woman as I think Bardot seems to be more herself in this role. I also think Boyd is fantastic in this film, even though he is over-dubbed in…

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During the filming of “Shalako”, Brigitte Bardot and Stephen Boyd enjoy taking pictures–of each other!

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In early 1968, Stephen Boyd and Brigitte Bardot were quite enamored with each other during the making of “Shalako”. The pair had become good friends back in 1957 while filming “The Night Heaven Fell”, and had meet at least twice since, once in 1960 in Paris and also in London during 1961. In 1969, a journalist teased Stephen that he never met up with BB between husbands!

Steve Boyd is one of the nicest leading men in the industry. I’ve never known him to be anything but gentlemanly (darn it!) Recently, I asked him if his romance with Brigutte Bardot was real. “She is a lovely woman, but she is married. I’ve known her for many years, and she has always been married, not to the same man, however.”Steve, how come you play it safe and never meet up with her between marriages, hmmmm?(Detroit Free Press, July 27…

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Bonnie and Clyde, JFK assassination, Audie Murphy – East Texas

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Brigitte Bardot as Bonnie for her song “Bonnie and Clyde” with Serge Gainsbourg

I am making a quick road trip around Dallas and East Texas ( The 6th Floor Museum in Dallas is amazing!) I hope to get pictures of the plantation used in “Slaves” soon….keeping my fingers crossed! Also saw a great Audie Murphy museum in Greenville, Texas. Enjoy the pics!

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow Graves (2 different graveyards)

Lee Harvey Oswald’s House and Texas Theatre

JFK Sixth floor museum and “The Grassy Knoll”

Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum, Greenville Texas

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